Prostitution in Islamabad

Prostitution in Islamabad – Is Islam Good Enough For Pakistan?

Prostitution in Islamabad is becoming more common day by day. Places like Hyderabad, Lahore, Azad Kashmir, Karachi, and FATA are full of such ladies. The young girls here are mostly students. They are found alone or together with some guys.

Prostitution in Islamabad is not just about prostitution rings and bars. It has something to do with many educational institutions in Pakistan. Many people have lost their jobs in the current economic slowdown. Many young students here depend on money to support their educational needs.

According to an estimate, around 400 girls a day leave their schools and join the countless others who seek to earn money by prostitution in Islamabad. Prostitution in Islamabad is tolerated to a certain extent. Many organizations and societies here do not encourage or promote prostitution. Still, the police do crack down on such activities on a regular basis.

Many people condemn the prostitution industry in Islamabad as they are degrading and demoralizing the women. But it is a legal business. Those who support the prostitutes are also guilty of helping them. Those who are against prostitution in Islamabad can easily make their views known by joining any of the numerous online groups working to eradicate the prostitution menace in Islamabad. They can also participate in the numerous community-based projects working to eliminate the prostitution problem in Islamabad.

The rising numbers of crimes committed by prostitutes in Islamabad along with increasing reaction by the people, government and media have forced the government to take strict measures to curb the menace. A number of laws have been framed to strictly restrict prostitution within the ambit of Pakistan. Still, many problems still persist. Prostitution in Pakistan is not only limited to brothels. It has also spread outside the metropolitan cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawal, Quetta, Dera, Hyderabad and Chittorgarh.

There are two categories of prostitution in Pakistan – street prostitution and brothels. Street prostitution takes place in the streets near the places where many businesses are located. Such areas are well-lighted and very popular among the local populace. Prostitution in Islamabad has become such a menace that many women are either forced to work as prostitutes or are compelled to work in the brothels.

It is easy to locate the right place to work as a prostitute in Pakistan. Prostitution can be easily detected in Islamabad due to the proliferation of many call girls available here. The call girls are mostly from the rural areas of Pakistan. They are brought to Islamabad to earn some quick cash so that they can return home. Many of them are not very attractive and come from weak or abusive backgrounds. But they do offer a very enticing alternative to working as prostitution girls.

There are many other forms of prostitution in Pakistan. Street prostitution is a major problem, but it is comparatively easier to identify and put an end to than the brothels. Prostitution can be successfully fought in any big city and if proper action is taken; it can be curbed to a great extent. But if the problem persists, the authorities are more than willing to take firm steps to tackle the menace of prostitution in all its forms. Finally, it can be said that the menace of prostitution in Pakistan has to be fought with firm determination and commitment on the part of the government and the people.

The problem of Prostitution in Islamabad is mostly present in the rural sector. It has mainly affected the lower class people and middle-class men. The main reasons for this menace are ignorance, poverty, and hopelessness. The educated middle-class people try to bring the situation under control by bringing in religious sensitivities and social taboos, but this does not seem to be very effective.

There have been a lot of successful campaigns launched by the provincial and federal governments to combat prostitution in Islamabad. The efforts have mostly failed. Recently, a new law of prostitution was introduced which prohibits the sale of alcohol, gambling, and smoking inside the capital. This has been a great move in reducing the demand for sexual services. Most of the brothels and adult entertainment centers are still operating though. With all the new restrictions and strict laws against prostitution, many women and girls are not willing to work as prostitution workers anymore. Instead, they try to earn money by working as an escort in Islamabad and other cities. Many young girls are also joining the ranks of these escorts in Islamabad as they know that money can easily be made in this line and it is quite easy to locate one in any town in Pakistan. All you need to do is make a proper search on the internet. Pakistan is rapidly becoming a major brothel destination and there are hundreds of women and girls working as prostitutes in all the cities of Pakistan.

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